Porvair Filtration's Brand New Website

7th Sep 2019

Porvair Filtration's Brand New Website

Porvair Filtration is a leading provider of filtration products and solutions based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. When they came to us at Storm12, they were looking for a dynamic website design that would evolve their brand, simplify the user journey, and increase accessibility.

Here's what we did to help them achieve those goals:


Creating a Dynamic Website Design


Our team worked closely with Porvair Filtration to understand their specific needs and goals. We then created a website design that would allow for both a product and sector-led visitor journey. This means that users can easily find the information they're looking for based on their specific needs or interests. We also made sure the website was visually rich, mobile responsive, and quick to load, which are all important factors for improving user experience and search engine rankings.


Improved User Experience


One of the most important aspects of any website is the user experience. We wanted to make sure that the Porvair Filtration website was easy to navigate and use, so we created a customer login area for controlled resource allocation. This means that customers can easily access the resources they need, such as technical data sheets, without having to search through the entire website.


Increased Organic Search Traffic


After the new website was launched, we saw a 20% increase in organic search traffic. This is a significant improvement and shows that the new design and user experience changes have been successful in improving the website's search engine rankings and visibility.


At Storm12, we were thrilled to work with Porvair Filtration on their new website design. We believe that the improvements we made have not only helped to improve the user experience but have also resulted in increased organic search traffic. Reach out to us and explore how we can design and build a website that elevates your online presence and drives growth for your business.

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