How We Rebranded Rick

19th May 2020

How We Rebranded Rick

At Storm12, we understand that branding is more than just a logo or a catchy tagline. It's about creating a connection between a company and its customers that goes beyond mere recognition. That's why we were thrilled when the technology consulting arm of Ricardo approached us with a challenge: repositioning their Centre of Knowledge brand, RiCK, for the modern era.

The Brief: Creating a Modern, User-Friendly, and Powerful RiCK Brand


RiCK was already a key revenue driver for Ricardo, but it needed a fresh new position and brand style that could communicate not only the power of the product but also the personality of the team behind it. Our brief was to create a strategic rebrand that could take RiCK to the next level, both in terms of customer awareness and revenue growth.


Our Approach: Using Strategic Meetings and Creative Thinking to Reposition the Brand


As with all of our projects, we started with a series of strategic meetings with key stakeholders to identify objectives, key aspects of the product, and the team behind it. We knew that a carefully considered name and strapline would be required to communicate both aspects of the product equally. With this information, our team of creative thinkers went to work, coming up with a range of name and design concepts that could bring the brand to life.


The Results: A Comprehensive RiCK Brand Toolkit and Successful Launch


After several rounds of refinement, we landed on a new brand style that felt modern, user-friendly, and powerful. We created a full brand toolkit that included assets and usage guidelines, launch videos, and campaign collateral for both internal and external use. We also designed the application of the brand on the product portal itself, ensuring that the brand was consistently communicated across all touchpoints.


The launch of RiCK was a resounding success, with the introduction video receiving over 700 views on YouTube. Sales teams were equipped with supporting reference materials that helped them to communicate the value of RiCK to potential customers, and the brand was well-received by existing customers.


At Storm12, we're proud of the work we did to help reposition RiCK for the modern era. Our team of strategic thinkers and creative designers worked closely with the Ricardo team to create a brand that truly reflects the power and personality of the product and the team behind it. If you're looking to creatively rebrand your own product or service, we'd love to help.

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