October 2018

AJW Group Corporate Film


Claire Walker, Head of Marketing
Chris Prior, Digital Marketing Manager


Timeline: 8 weeks





AJW Group is a world-leading independent specialist in the global management of aircraft spare parts.

AJW Group's strategy is to redefine aviation supply chain management to meet the needs of their customers and partners worldwide and continue to transform aviation efficiency.


Storm12 have worked for AJW since 2014 so when they approached us asking for an attention-grabbing corporate film, we jumped at the opportunity.



We didn't want to produce 'another corporate video'. The video had to grab the attention of the viewer and it was our job to present:

  • The real essence of the company - the human side of the business. AJW is not a faceless business - it's the people that make it great
  • Skills, capabilities, reach and breadth within the business
  • The global presence of the company and the associated benefits
  • Their incredible office and facilities at their Sussex headquarters and repair facility in Montreal

The video would be used online, at exhibitions, in social media and as an asset for new business development.

Strategy & Process


We didn't just arrive with a camera and press record. There was much more to it than that.


As with all of our work, our creative ideas are backed by strategy, understanding and the insight we've developed over almost two decades.


Video is the newest of Storm12's core services but that doesn't mean we don't apply the same planning and proven processes that we do for all our work. You don't get attention-grabbing results without putting in the groundwork first.

Our ideas


Filming a corporate video is a bit more than just picking up a camera. You've got to figure out what and how you're going to shoot it. If you can think of it, we probably used it for AJW.

  • Cherry picker
  • Drone
  • Follow shots
  • Steadicam
  • Track cams

Technical & Production

Armed with the task of creating a quality video, we set about filming - one day in their head office in the UK, and the other in AJW Technique, their base in Montreal.

With two cameras, a drone and about 15 hours worth of footage, covering all aspects of what AJW were after (and probably more), we thought we had a decent corporate video in the works.

Headquarters, Slinfold UK

Full day filming with two cameras and a drone operator

AJW Technique, Montreal

Full day filming with single camera


We also had the chance to show off our technical skills in editing the video. We colour graded the footage, upgrading it from an ordinary corporate video into something more dynamic. It's the little things that can make a video stand out from the rest.

Finding the right sort of voice is no easy task. It's got to perfectly suit the mood and tone of the video - here, AJW asked for an assuring voice that would deliver their message successfully. We felt the voiceover we found embodied the AJW ideal and what they were after.

There's nothing worse than background music being too loud to hear the voiceover. Or the annoying crackle bad audio makes. With a bit of audio mastering, we found the balance and got it just right.

Not only did we produce the one video, we had to create a Chinese version. Chinese isn't any of ours mother tongue, so this presented quite a challenge (obviously). But, we found a Chinese voiceover with ease and put in some subtitles when needed - just goes to show that if you do need a corporate video in a different language, we'll sort it.

And of course, with any good corporate video, you need eye-catching idents that show off the company logo - you could say we definitely achieved that.

The Final Video

The Result

All in all, we are pretty pleased with ourselves and AJW are thrilled with the results.


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"We are delighted with our new corporate video and which was delivered in both English and Chinese. The results have surpassed our expectation and the feedback from staff and customers alike has been terrific."

Head of Marketing, AJW Group