RiCK Branding

The technology consulting arm of Ricardo needed to reposition their centre of knowledge brand with something modern, current and user friendly. The brief was to convey not only the power of the product, but the personality of the team behind it. The product had not been marketed as a standalone product before, but was a key recurring subscription revenue driver and in need of an update and new position.

What we did...

We developed a strategic rebrand of the platform with a new position and brand style. We ran a series of workshops with key stakeholders to build a solid foundation upon which to base our creative thinking, and along with the name and strapline for RiCK, we built a toolkit to take the new product to market and increase brand awareness.


As with all of our projects, we began the task of rebranding with a series of strategic meetings designed to uncover objectives and identify key aspects of both the product and the team behind it. Both needed to be communicated to users equally which meant a carefully considered name and strapline would be required. With this key information unlocked, our creative process of name and design concepts took care of the rest.


Full brand toolkit including assets and usage guidelines, along with launch video and campaign collateral for internal and external use. Supporting reference materials for sales teams were created as well as designing the application of the brand on the product portal itself.

Project Team

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have we grabbed your attention?

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