Acumen Business Club Networking Evening

7th Dec 2016

Acumen Business Club Networking Evening

Last night, off I went to another exciting networking evening with the Acumen Business Club. This time we were told - and all we were told - was to be at Brighton Station at 5pm sharp.

We hopped on a coach and were fed and watered - with Brighton Gin I might add - and taken (despite the traffic and freezing fog) to the Herstmonceux Observatory for a spot of stargazing.


We couldn't pass up an opportunity to see the moon through one of the amazing telescopes - and by amazing I really mean pioneering. The Thompson 30" reflector was the telescope used to discover the eighth moon of Jupiter. Despite being 252,000 miles away, you could see it all it's incredible, mind-blowing detail. Staring at what looked like a football-sized crater on the surface, only to be told that it was in fact 86 miles in diameter really makes you think.


Great fun had by all.


Have a great Christmas Acumen Club Members and I'll see you all for the next event in February 2017.

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