Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment

14th Mar 2024

Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment

Storm12 was built with a people-first culture and is a workplace where the team are given the freedom to learn, experiment and flourish. A workplace where people feel valued, supported, and motivated leads to happier employees and better business outcomes. Which is why creating a positive work environment is so important. Not only will employees feel happy being at work, they will be more productive, driving the business forward. Below are our tips to creating a positive work environment and a great company culture.


At Storm12, we encourage open and transparent communication among the team. Creating avenues for feedback and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns is hugely important for a positive workplace. It’s important to provide an environment where constructive criticism is welcomed and everyone’s ideas and opinions matter. 


Previously at Storm12, we ran ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where the whole team got together for lunch to talk about new ideas, our work and to share knowledge. This is a great way to encourage communication amongst the team and to learn from each other. We are looking to start these again soon! 


Storm12 team out for lunch


Recognise Achievements

Acknowledging and celebrating achievements, both big and small, is essential. You should recognise individual and team accomplishments publicly, whether it's through acknowledgement during meetings or simple gestures of appreciation. Feeling valued for their contributions ensures employees feel appreciated and respected which will motivate them to continue to work hard and create success for themselves and for the business.


We like to recognise and celebrate our team's group and individual achievements by announcing them in the weekly meetings, awarding promotions and of course congratulatory gifts for progress and development. 


Storm12 team in their weekly meeting


Promote A Work-Life Balance

You should encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing flexible work arrangements, promoting time off, and respecting personal boundaries. Try to create an environment where everyone is supported in their well-being. This can be done by offering wellness programmes, remote work options, and initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle. 


For example, we changed our working hours after talking to the team about what would work best for them, keeping in mind productivity and a better work-life balance. After a vote, it was decided that our office hours would change to slightly longer days Monday to Thursday, in order to work 9-12:30pm on Fridays.


At Storm12, we also have an exercise initiative where everyone can take one hour out of their work time each week to exercise. Additionally, we make sure that fresh fruit is always available in the office! 


Storm12 team exercise day


Team Building

Organising team activities is very important if you want to create a fun work environment. This is a great way to show appreciation for your employees and allows for team building and fun, two things that are vital if you want to achieve a positive company culture and a close-knit team. 


At Storm12, we have a ‘Fun Friday’ every quarter where the whole team goes out to enjoy an activity, from Top Golf to escape rooms to sushi-making classes! 


Storm12 team at Top Golf


Creating a positive work environment requires ongoing effort and commitment from everyone in the business. By prioritising open communication, appreciation, work-life balance and team building, you can create a workplace where employees feel happy, valued, and motivated to do their best work.


And as our MD, Matt says: “Your business is only as good as its people, look after them and they will look after the business.” 


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