Attending The Surrey Hills Cow Parade!

5th Sep 2016

Attending The Surrey Hills Cow Parade!

On Friday, we were lucky enough to be invited to the VIP launch of the Surrey Hills Cow Parade. You may have seen one of the dozens of decorated cows adorning the hills and landmarks throughout Surrey over the last couple of months, and asked yourself - what is that all about?!

Businesses, community groups, schools and artists all decorated life-sized fibreglass cows before they were put on display to raise the profile of the beautiful Surrey countryside.


There were some amazing designs on display at Cow Parade HQ on Friday, from farmers and landscapes to mosaic and impressively engineered bovine creations.


Working with Gatwick Airport, we designed Amoolia Earhart, a full-sized fibreglass cow styled to look like an airline pilot. You might have seen her on the concourse at the airport if you've jetted off on holiday this summer. We think she looks rather smart in her 'uniform'.


Amoolia has rejoined the herd in preparation for an auction in October with the proceeds going to various charity partners. Here's hoping she raises a shed loadof money for a great cause.


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