Why Choose A Card As Your Christmas Promotion?

16th Nov 2023

Why Choose A Card As Your Christmas Promotion?

Using a card for your Christmas campaign isn't as boring as it might sound. It doesn’t need to be a traditional and festive card, you can get super creative and come up with a fun, unique idea that will catch your clients’ attention. And it doesn't have to be a physical card, digital cards sent by email are also a great option. However, they may lack the personal touch that comes with receiving a card through traditional mail.

What Are The Benefits Of A Company Christmas Card?  


  • Traditional - people have been sending Christmas cards for a very long time and there’s a reason for it! In a world of technology, be the traditional, friendly company that sends a Christmas card. 


  • Personal - cards feel personal and special, especially when delivered to you physically and signed by the whole team.


  • Versatile - there’s so much you can do with both digital and physical cards! Include a game, poem or staff photos inside to really give your season's greetings a personalised touch. 


  • Efficient - cards don’t tend to take too long to produce, depending on the design and how many you need, so might be a better option if you’re running out of time! 

One of Storm12's 2017 Christmas cards




Give Me Christmas Card Ideas! 


It’s definitely important to really think about the design and content of a Christmas card. Seeing as it’s a simple way to reach your clients or customers, making it as fun and unique as possible is what will ensure the recipients remember your business. 


Here are some fun ideas for your Christmas card this year:


  • Gifs (Digital)
  • Holiday themed team photos
  • Digitalised team Christmas scene (see below for a great example)
  • On-brand Christmas scene, for example, Christmas in your brand colours 
  • Featured Christmas discounts and products 
  • A festive poem, game or puzzle
  • A QR Code linking to further digital fun

Our 2018 Christmas card




Digital or Physical Christmas Cards - which one is best for you? 

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, the choice between digital and physical Christmas cards often depends on personal preferences and the intended impact.


Digital Christmas Card Advantages                                                                                       


  • Cheaper to produce                                                                       
  • No printing involved                                                                       
  • Can add animations/videos/gifs                                                                       
  • Faster than having to print cards

Physical Christmas Card Advantages


  • Feels more personal
  • Traditional
  • The team can sign it by hand
  • Physical cards can be displayed and used as a decoration
  • Suitable for all ages


Our 2019 pop up Christmas card





So, whether you opt for the efficiency of digital or the classic appeal of physical, the choice ultimately depends on the message you wish to convey during this festive season.


Our 2022 Christmas Video


Can you complete our Christmas game?


Another 2017 festive card!


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