Our Favourite Christmas Campaigns of 2023

1st Dec 2023

Our Favourite Christmas Campaigns of 2023

Every year there seems to be even more anticipation during the build up to the festive season, especially for the annual Christmas campaigns. The excitement around Christmas adverts, particularly John Lewis’s yearly ads, is pretty infectious. This is clear from how many brands bring out huge Christmas campaigns every November. As a creative marketing agency, we love seeing all the new campaigns, seeing what each brand has come up with and how people respond. So, we’ve decided to put together our favourites for 2023!

1. TK Maxx Festive Farm TV Ad


Despite it only being 45 seconds long, TK Maxx’s 2023 Christmas ad has had a lasting effect on us! The farm animals dressed in designer outfits along with the song ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ made for a very silly and entertaining Christmas ad. Plus, it was a fun way to remind their customers that TK Maxx sells designer clothing at discounted prices. 





2. KFC


The KFC Christmas ad this year is great, it builds suspense by making out that they’re introducing turkey for the festive season. But, after showing multiple comments and tweets from customers asking the brand to bring out a Turkey burger for Christmas, the video states ‘‘we saw you, we heard you, and we ignored you’. Then, ‘we’re sticking with chicken’. We loved this twist, rather than giving their customers exactly what they want, they ignore the requests and do so very blatantly. Forget ‘the customer is always right’, KFC knows best! 




3. Burger King


Burger King decided on a smaller-budget Christmas campaign this year. They’ve opted for out-of-home media rather than a big TV advert. ‘WHOPPER’ is captioning a festive image of Santa eating a BK meal, describing both the burger and a big lie. We really like this one, it’s very simple but still makes you think, as it’s not just referencing the burger with ‘WHOPPER’. 



4. Iceland


Another simple but effective media ‘campaign’ this year is from Iceland. Iceland has chosen not to release a Christmas TV advert and is instead going to support their customers during the cost-of-living crisis by reducing the cost of their products. 

This is definitely an inspiring and meaningful message that their customers will appreciate, and we believe it is something that will catch on in the coming years. In fact, The Co-Op has done the same thing this year. 



5. Coca cola 


We really enjoyed watching Coca Cola’s TV advert this year. In a world of Santas, you watch how kind and caring every single Santa is to one another. Any Coca Cola Christmas advert featuring Santa Claus is always iconic, especially as Coca Cola helped to shape the red-wearing Santa that we know today. 


The overall message is to be kind, and that ‘the world needs more Santas’, and we agree! This type of messaging is quite powerful- being kind can have a big impact, especially at Christmas. 






6. Temptations cat


This advert by the cat treat brand, Temptations, is very funny, especially to those of us who own or have owned cats. It accurately depicts how cats will always do what they want, not worrying at all about anyone around them, whether it’s Christmas time or not. And of course, the only way to get your cat to behave during Christmas festivities is to coax them with Temptations treats. 






We’re seeing more and more creative and entertaining Christmas campaigns and adverts each year, making it more and more difficult to pick a favourite! We can’t wait to see next year's Christmas campaigns and the interesting and funny ideas behind them. 


If you’re looking to create a Christmas campaign for your business, get in touch with us here, we’d love to help! Or head over to our Christmas page to find out the different types of campaigns we can design and create for you. 



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