Spending The Day In The BBC Newsroom!

16th Nov 2018

Spending The Day In The BBC Newsroom!

Last month, as part of our team away day, we spent an afternoon with John Young - yes, him off the BBC news - in his Newsroom Bootcamp. It gave us a unique insight into a typical newsroom, and we learnt how to transfer the techniques they use into our busy office.

It wasn't one of those bootcamps where you were just read to from a PowerPoint - it was interactive and really good fun. It pushed us all out of our comfort zones, being live on camera with strict time pressure. We also learnt some valuable techniques on creating snappy content. And you didn't have to play those awkward team-building games!


We won't give away all his secrets but our two main takeaways from the day were to slim down unnecessary content and cut out pointless jargon when talking to clients. All pretty valuable, especially in the creative industry.


We also learnt about how much - or little - time the news team get to put together a story, working up until the final minute before going live. We love a project with a quick turnaround, but a deadline of seven minutes might be a bit of a stretch.


Our office for the day was spot on too - it's not every day you get to hang around a bunch of Porsches, so a quick special mention to Porsche Mid-Sussex Centre for letting us use their slick boardroom and Andrew Crabb for the tour.


Find out more about John at johnyoungmedia.co.uk

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