Eurovia Hackathon at the National Space Centre

22nd May 2017

Eurovia Hackathon at the National Space Centre

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers, graphic designers, project managers and others collaborate to create new ideas to explore for business.

Last Tuesday, we attended our first Hackathon with a special clients of ours, Eurovia, at the National Space Centre (which is cool enough in itself). They invited around 80 staff to participate in groups to explore new ideas and ways of working to perform better and smarter across the business. They were asked to collate their ideas and film a three minute video of their pitch - Dragons Den meets The Apprentice if you like.


To support their pitches, Storm12 were asked to help all eight teams with creative visuals to present their ideas. We took a brief from each team and worked through the night to create pitch boards ready for review the following morning.


Apprehensive but fuelled up on chocolate, coffee and a last orders wagamama, all 16 boards came together nicely and we even managed to get a few hours sleep and a game of Space Invaders in too.


The Storm12 coffee machine took a bit of a pasting the next day but it was well worth it to be part of the Hackathon.

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