Storm12 and it's Marvellous Creations

20th Oct 2018

Storm12 and it's Marvellous Creations

You often hear people compare themselves or their businesses to popular goods - bars, cars, drinks, other brands. So we asked ourselves, if Storm12 was a chocolate bar, what would it be? So seeing as it's advent, what better time? Well, you would probably have to say a Cadbury bar on account of the purple, but which one? There are so many to choose from but we've gone with the Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy.

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Well, to start with, we like to think everything we create is marvellous and that sums us up nicely. We approach every job the same and try to give it the 'wow' factor no matter how large or small.


Let's talk about ingredients:


  • Dairy milk chocolate - the base of so many favourites. We think this is much like our approach and process, it's smooth and sweetly constructed.


  • Fruity flavoured jellies - not only can we take on any flavour of design, no matter what your audience, we make sure that we fill your collateral with flavourful fruity content that hits the target.


  • Crispy coated cocoa bites - our websites are packed full of crisp code, creating that solid and impenetrable coating, along with well thought out user experience that guides any user to your tasty content.


  • Popping candy - our design really makes everything we do pop. From our websites with brilliant animation and user experience to beautiful brochures and videos that accentuate your marketing campaigns.


To sum up, we're a chocolate bar that's packed full of creative, tastes great and leaves you wanting more. Hungry? Then get in touch.

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