The New Honda Ride-Sharing Concept Car - The NeuV

12th Jan 2017

The New Honda Ride-Sharing Concept Car - The NeuV

We've been checking out the new Honda ride-sharing concept car - the NeuV - [pronounce noo-vee] - it looks very cool and almost Knightrider-like.

It was designed by Mike Tsay, principal designer a Honda R&D. The name is an acronym for New Electric Urban Vehicle and is based on the self-driving car. However, unlike the vehicle that will take you to work while you read the paper, the NeuV can be put to work rather than sitting in the car park for most of the day.


Honda's vision is to programme your car to pick up and drop off other passengers or friends to help monetize the vehicle for you. It's basically a taxi that pays you. I personally wouldn't like the idea of my new car becoming a taxi, but I do appreciate the environmental benefits this concept could deliver.


The design of the NeuV looks slick, mean and has a planted stance on the road. The front looks like something from Star Wars with edgy headlight design and four piece fog light layout. The rear light which glows is also a real statement. If it makes it through to production it will look great.


I wonder if this is where public transport will go in the future. You just press a button on your smartphone and a the nearest available NeuV comes to pick you up. It's like uber Uber.

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