Storm12 at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part One

30th May 2017

Storm12 at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part One

It's that time of year where we put down our pens and head to EC1 to take in the latest and greatest from the design industry. Our annual inspiration pilgrimage once again saw us on the streets of Clerkenwell, marvelling at stunning office design, accessories beautiful enough to make you weep and borderline pornographic product literature. The sun shone as we toured exhibits, showrooms, pop-ups and everything in between as the design capital of London was taken over by #CDW2017. So without further ado, we're pleased to bring you our four-part review of Clerkenwell Design Week 2017.

I've always enjoyed Clerkenwell. If you've never been then I urge you to go next year. You might think that on the face of it, you don't make furniture or that you don't need a new office design but there's a buzz you don't really find anywhere else. The literature is stunning, the stands, stores and shops show you how great design can fill a space, without filling up the space. There's something about the way exhibitors at CDW pull it off which strikes a chord. A general less-is-more approach to everything. It's uncluttered, functional, necessarily minimal.



The only problem I have is deciding which table, chair or light I prefer and by the time I've made a decision, the next exhibit throws a cat amongst the pigeons and I'm back to square one. And more often than not, it's a cat with a price tag.


Usually my favourite items at Clerkenwell are the larger furniture pieces like these ace desks or these modular workstations but this year I was drawn more to what I suppose you would call 'accessories'.


I love these mirrors - the simplicity (apologies to their designer of course) of adding fruit machine style vinyl to a mirror and framing it really stood out. It's certainly true that sometimes, simpler is better.




 I'm not sure whether you can technically call them an accessory, but these wall-mounted BeoSound speakers - yes, they're speakers - from B&O blew me away. Eye-wateringly expensive of course, but stunning nonetheless.





Clerkenwell complete for another year, my wallet a little lighter having caved in and bought this World of Coffee print from Hey Studio and potentially seriously lighter spec'ing out a new Scandinavian sit-stand workstation, we're already keeping an eye out for next year's dates.

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