Storm12 at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part Three

1st Jun 2017

Storm12 at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part Three

My turn! It was my first visit to Clerkenwell and I really enjoyed it. It was great for me, not just looking at all of the fantastic furniture but checking out some really spectacular exhibition stands. Unless you specialise in exhibitions, you don't get a huge amount of opportunities to design entire stands like this.

Here's an example:




It's really quite simple, plyboard back with some coloured cut-out lettering and some well placed lighting but what impact!


And here's another:




So simple and a really bold move. They planned it really well to have the silhouettes behind the table and pod at the back. In this case less is more.


Aside from the awesome furniture and displays, it's a really great day out. For those of you that haven't been, the event isn't just in one place, there are 100's of different places to go from larger marquees dotted about to much smaller single rooms with smaller bespoke items - check out the map and go next year!



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