Storm12 is here

13th Mar 2017

Storm12 is here

After months, and I really do mean months - I think we started this journey in January 2016 - Storm12 is here.

Back then, we decided that we needed to upgrade the business to better reflect how we operate, the growth of our team, the (new) way in which we're approaching projects. We needed to revitalise our brand - we do it for so many of our clients but we had neglected our in-house style. Our tone of voice, our growing bravery, our expanding client base meant that we had to begin the process of upgrading, reforming and adding dynamism to a brand we had held onto for eight years.


It was a good time to be in Post-it note sales, trust me. The number of names thrown into the ring, taken out again, modified and re-thrown, taken out again. We've had members of the team staunchly defending company names that made the rest of us wonder what was in their tea. We've been round the houses, canvassed clients, asked husbands and wives, the milkman, anyone.


From a very, very long list that included some incredibly questionable combinations of British wildlife and fashion prints, Storm12 emerged as the clear favourite. Why wouldn't we change our name to echo the most powerful, the most remembered, the most talked about storms?


From the outside, it may seem that we've changed our name and our logo, built a new website and added a couple of coats of paint to the office. Whilst all that is true, the work behind the scenes has been tireless and I'm immensely proud of the team for getting it all done whilst still delivering client projects.


The exercise has been invaluable. I've seen sides of members of the Storm12 team I didn't know were there. Who knew that three colours - or combinations thereof - could cause passionate and at times, heated exchanges around the water cooler or that we would spend the better part of three weeks deciding the angle at which our logo should sit. Those eight degrees have given me sleepless nights and the coffee bill has gone through the roof but I hope that you'll agree with me that it was worth it.


We're giving away a Grand Gourmet Tour of Bolney Wine Estate on Facebook and on LinkedIn this week to celebrate, so head over there for your chance to win this great experience for two.


We're putting together a special 'making of' video which is on the way and there's plenty more to keep an eye out for.


Storm12 is here. Enjoy. I know I will.

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