The importance of kerning

25th Oct 2016

The importance of kerning

Kerning is the adjustment of the space between individual letter forms in a piece of typography to be printed or published online. In everyday life, most people take kerning for granted as a computer attempts to set this correctly for us. However, with my design background, I have a passionate and fastidious design eye for detail and think it's a cardinal sin to not check and manually revise the kerning, especially when developing brand logos and straplines. First, I've adjusted the Storm logo below to demonstrate standard kerning versus a revised version. I hope this demonstrates the fine tweaking that us creative types go through in order to deliver well balanced perfection.


Secondly I've found a few controversial examples of how bad kerning can impact your brand and get you publicity for the wrong reasons:



As you can see, it's important to get this right!

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