The Power of Process

25th Aug 2015

The Power of Process

Process. Part of the services marketing mix and a means to achieve a desired outcome. Every business has one.

We're an integrated design and creative agency, but we base all of our work on a process rooted in strategic thinking. For us, it's not just about delivering creative work which looks great, although we do that too. It's about working in partnership with our clients to achieve results.

Process means getting your customer involved, experiencing your offering - they need to participate in the activity you are working together on. We won't just take a brief and drop you an email with a few pretty pictures. Where we can, we like to get into your business, meet people, learn about the culture. A core understanding of who we are working with, not for, is invaluable when briefing our creative teams and helps us to deliver those results-driven campaigns and concepts for which we are known.

A key aspect of achieving success through your given process is being able to tailor it to the needs of different customers on a case-by-case basis, whilst still delivering the same level of service. We try to approach every project in the same way, every time - personalising it to each client.

For us, it's about Strategy, Ideas, Results. We listen and understand your objectives, deliver powerful message-driven communications and we focus upon delivering results - results which actually mean something for your business.

Our proven processes follow the same methodology, for every client and project:

1. Discover - Immersive workshop or meeting, cultural understanding, identifying objectives, audiences and targets
2. Brief - Summarise understanding, indicate creative routes, create transparent relationship
3. Demonstrate - Present the creative brief with full rationale to generate client buy-in
4. Execute - Deploy approved creative assets across desired platforms
5. Evaluate - Measure and examine the level to which the project has achieved the objectives established in the Discover phase

Whilst we offer an integrated, 'whole-campaign' approach, we can of course, lend our expertise to any one of the three. Whether you need a hand with a strategic plan, or if you've got the hook but need to visualise and bring it to life, we can help. We can also use our system of quantifiable ROI using hard and soft metrics which we can tailor to suit your business and help you to unlock useful measurements for your activity.

If you are looking at your existing processes and evaluating how well they are performing, hopefully you can draw on our methods to capitalise on opportunities to expand your offering, land a new client or reach return targets.

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