Top of the box

5th Dec 2016

Top of the box

Our very own sales campaign came to an end last month and I had the pleasure of awarding Mukesh from BAM Construction his prize last week - a breakfast for four from Cafe Rouge.

Mukesh, like many others, enjoyed the fresh approach and it seemed to bring a smile to the faces of many people I have spoken to over the last month or two. He said:

"Clever campaign! It was original, attention grabbing and personalised and that was the key."


For those of you who missed it - it was a variety pack of cereals with a wrapper alluding to our services in a very creative design. I guess the well known cereals resonated well with many people and it was a great way to introduce what we do to people who have not heard about us before. It had a corresponding landing page with an entry journey.


I was also blown away that many of the marketers I spoke to had the box on their desk for up to four weeks! You just can't get that cut through with email on a lead generation campaign.

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