Trust trumps conservatism and other marketing thoughts

9th Nov 2016

Trust trumps conservatism and other marketing thoughts

I start writing this with shock shaking through my fingers this morning, as I am sure many people are feeling today. But unlike many elections, I think this one has been more about picking the lesser of two evils and showing how some values trump others.

What shocked me most was how Trump got so much support during this election despite his views, values and opinions. But thinking this morning, it struck me what won it for him - trust.


The people trust Trump more than they do Clinton. It could be even be argued that it was not so much Trump winning as it was Hillary losing the trust battle. The recent email scandals were not isolated incidents and it's brought back memories of WikiLeaks and the secrecy behind so much of the American establishment that people don't trust. Enter Trump.


He has come in all guns blazing - warts, unreturned taxes and all. There is something genuine about him, whether you like his policies and views or not. Today has shown that trust and an authentic voice go a long way.


This is relevant in business and certainly in marketing. When looking at what your brand stands for, do we default into a shiny, politically correct voice that stands on a pedestal like everyone else in our industry, or do we dare to be different and speak our minds? I am not suggesting we look for controversy - that is not the point. The point is authenticity. Look at Apple for instance - in its early years, the adverts were all aimed at breaking the norm, being different and all about design. They still continue to take seemingly unpopular stances. Today people are so divided when it comes to PC or Apple, yet they maintain their success.


If you want to cater for everyone's needs, you step back from being anyone's favourite.


People trust companies who share their passion and faults alike.

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