Website hosting and security

We understand that your website is a crucial marketing asset. We use our technical knowhow and robust hosting service to ensure we keep your website running smoothly.


More importantly, this means your website can continue to work hard and deliver leads for you. This all links back to our strategic approach: creative with purpose.


The three biggest components of our website support are hosting, backup and security, assuring your site against attack or catastrophic failure.


We have our own dedicated server in a UK-based datacentre. That means we can control how it’s configured quickly, easily and reliably.


What is website hosting and security services?


Website hosting is fundamental to ensuring a website is robust, quick to load and reliable. It’s the storage and configuration of all the information and the scripts in order for a website to function quickly and correctly. This all helps in delivering a fast and effective website within search engines.


Web security services are the hosting and the scripts on the site to try and mitigate the likelihood that a website is hacked or breached. Our robust, custom code ensures sites never needs compulsory updates in order to be secure. It’s never been hacked either, despite vigorous independent penetration testing!


Website Support Examples

There have been many clients who have commissioned third party web security firms to perform penetration tests (tests to try hack our server and sites we host). None of them have had success. We love penetration tests, as some highlight minor issues with our code which we then learn from and make our sites stronger, but none have highlighted serious weaknesses. We are happy to share some of these results and discuss any other hosting or security questions you may have. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Website Support process


There is some collaboration needed when we flick the switch from the old site to your new site. We must gain access to your current DNS (Domain Name System) for the domain, in order to point it to our server for launch. This is the login that comes with your domain registration. We plan this way in advance, and take care of all the technical bits for you.


We always recommend creating a launch plan to ensure your website gets off to a flying start. We will work with you to develop this document.


Your site is up and running now. Because we use our own proprietary custom code, the number of “updates” is much lower than publicly available platforms. This is simply because their code is more available to hackers and they are more of a target.

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