Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a bit of a lost art and has been overshadowed by the low cost of email marketing. A direct mail piece can be costly, but more often than not, the reward can far outweigh that. A well thought out direct mail campaign linked to a smart campaign strategy can deliver you great ROI and creative with purpose.


There can be no better way of capturing the attention of your target audience than a clever campaign with a clever message. Even if your audience isn’t quite ready to engage with you, it can create a lasting impression that sticks with someone for when they are ready.


What is Direct Mail?


Direct mail is a fantastic way of getting in front of your audience with a fantastically personalised message. Simply put, direct mail is a piece of marketing (often with a giveaway or leave behind), which is posted directly to your audience.


Direct Mail Examples

Have a look through some of our great direct mail examples below. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Direct Mail process


Starting with a workshop to discover your goals and audience, we work with you to generate some initial ideas that could potentially lead to something original.


The best part of the process for everyone is the creative part, where we work together to generate concepts designed to hit the spot. We love researching and creating campaigns with new and different giveaways and leave behinds.


The direct mail campaigns that we create are compelling and always show a return on investment. Because we go through this process, we know your audience and from some smart insight, we always deliver a campaign that engages with them.

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