Microsites and landing pages - design and development

Microsites and landing pages are another tool in the marketer's online arsenal when it comes to co-branding, product launches and campaigns, giving you creative agility - we call it creative with purpose.


Each varies slightly with different advantages for different situations and practical implications to implement. We can work with you to decide the best direction.


Have you got a new product offering or campaign you want to get out there quickly without disrupting your main website, but you need something more substantial than a landing page? A focused microsite might just be your answer.


What is microsite and landing page and what is the difference?


A microsite is essentially a 'mini website' site whereas a landing page is a single page designed for a specific purpose. However, both are often used for a campaign.


A microsite is typically a small website with a couple of pages with its own navigation, often used for a niche offering or where the audience is different to the main brand's pages.


It often lives at another domain or on a subdomain of the brand. A subdomain would be “” as opposed to “” - it's easily set up and can be hosted in a different location to the main site.


A landing page is specifically designed for a campaign to convert a lead to perform a specific task, be it an enquiry, download or book a demo but lives on the main site of the brand. It usually does not lead anywhere else, to avoid distracting the visitor from performing a specific task.


Both are also temporary and can be sales funnel-based - so they can have simple or more complex marketing automation and analytics connected to them.


Microsites and Landing Pages Examples

If you are thinking about some ideas for a landing page, give us a shout now and discuss which is more appropriate. We can then assemble some landing page and/or microsite examples and ideas for you. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Microsites and Landing Pages process


For us to best understand your new venture, campaign or product launch, we need a more in-depth discovery session to understand the objectives, context and needs from the various parts of the business. Understanding the strategy sets us up to give you the best design that delivers the desired results.


We will first create design concepts of the landing page or microsite for you to review, then revise the design and content based on your feedback. For landing pages, we create the HTML for you to place on your site, or if it is a site we've built for you, we create a template for you to replicate as many times as you wish for your campaigns. To set up a microsite, all we need is permission for your DNS records - we then do the rest - building the site, adding functionality and hosting it - simple!


Then you can launch! We always encourage you to continuously review and improve to ensure we can maximise results.

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