Creative Strategy


Creative Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. Delivering your brand to your audience takes a combination of strategic and creative thought. We carefully consider your objectives and deliver a Creative Strategy that means you get creative with purpose.


Our approach, led by Creative Strategy can be seen in our branding, creative, marketing and online projects and always shows in the success of each project by delivering ROI.


It can be challenging coming up with ideas yourself, which is where we get involved. We love working in a consultative role alongside you and your marketing teams helping to guide your project in the right direction. A fresh and alternative perspective can spark that big idea.


What is Creative Strategy?


A Creative Strategy is the heart and soul of your brand and how it communicates with your audience, whether it’s digitally, visually or sonically. It’s everything. We work with you to create the building blocks and how they stack up to create a consistency that culminates in a brand awareness that reflects you living your best life.


Creative Strategy Services


Not only do we apply our Creative Strategy to our creative services, we offer strategic and practical planning support in some key areas.


Brand Strategy

Brands come in many forms and each Brand Strategy is unique. What you need to do to move your brand forward will depend on many factors, from target audience and industry to your brand’s age and visibility. We take all of this insight and deliver a Brand Strategy that is creative with purpose.

Rebranding Strategy

Brand Proposition

Messaging & Tone of Voice

Creative Marketing Strategy

When delivering marketing for any business you need to have a plan, and a creative marketing strategy covers all the bases. Working with Storm12 brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and our combination of detailed research and creative insight brings you creative with purpose.

Creative Planning

Campaign Management

Campaign Strategy

Website Strategy

You can build a website and it’ll work just fine, but digital experiences and technologies are changing every day and you need to be ahead of the curve. Not only that but your business is changing, so let us help hit your targets with creative with purpose.

Customer Journey

Keyword Strategy for SEO

Website Audit

Creative Strategy Examples

Check out some of our fantastic Creative Strategy examples. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Creative Strategy process


No one knows your brand better than you do and we collaborate with you and key stakeholders, workshopping your thoughts and insight before we take the project and run with it. Our team of passionate creatives, process driven brainiacs and smart arse developers all combine to provide a wide range of perspectives in order to deliver what you need.


Remember that striking idea we discussed in the workshop? Time to make it a reality. Our creative team pulls together to develop a Creative Strategy that hits the spot. It's the perfect combination of insight driven strategy and creative thought to put a new spin on what you’ve been doing already.


Captivation is key. There’s no point doing anything if it’s not only going to get noticed but it’s going to engage with your audience base. Everything we do for you is designed to communicate your message and get people to really understand that they need you or your product.

We are your Creative Strategy Agency!

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"Storm12 have helped to deliver a real sense of personality with adverts, passenger communications and internal documents. Their skill lies in the consideration of the nuances within our brand guidelines and adapting them to our varied audience and stakeholder groups."

Brand Manager, Gatwick Airport