The importance of considering Customer Journey on your website

A website is essentially pointless if it’s not hitting any of your business goals. This can be for many reasons and when we build a website we carefully and creatively consider how we aim to meet your website’s objectives, this is how you get creative with purpose.


Knowing your target audience, and developing personas for them, we can make intelligent decisions on how we intend to engage with them. Thinking about what information we need to present them with before they are willing to engage, we can place well thought out calls to action.


Whether your audience needs to be shown creative imagery, content that inspires confidence or detailed information about a product, we will take all of this into consideration before anything is designed.


What is Customer Journey?


Your Customer Journey is the thinking about how your customer lands on your website, what they do on it and how you get them to do what you want them to do in order to meet the objectives of your website.


Customer Journey Examples

Every website we create, we plan a customer journey and here are some examples. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Customer Journey process


Our team, skilled in user experience, will work through a detailed workshop with you to establish who you are targeting, what type of personalities they have and what your website needs to show them.


With some creative insight and thought, we construct a framework or wireframe of your website which demonstrates how we intend on converting your visitors.


Through this process and onto the website design, we show you how we captivate your visitors and engage with them enough to deliver leads through your website.

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