How to get people on your website with a Keyword Strategy for SEO

A good Keyword Strategy for SEO is the best way of getting people to your website. It’s a combination of detailed research and creative thinking about how to get the right people to engage with your site, which means you get creative with purpose.


A Keyword Strategy for SEO is only one part of good SEO but it’s the foundations for you to build a strong digital presence. Once this part has been completed, you have the building blocks for SEO friendly content on your website and PPC campaigns which will start to bring your page ranking up.


What is a Keyword Strategy for SEO?


A Keyword Strategy for SEO is a document that outlines what keywords or phrases that you wish to target in order to get the right people onto your website. To create this, you need to research relevant keywords or phrases that are ideal for you and make decisions as to which will target your ideal customer.


Keyword Strategy for SEO Examples

Keywords are key! Check out where we've worked on keywords for our clients. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Keyword Strategy for SEO process


Working with you, we’ll run a strategy workshop to discover everything we need to know about your business, what you hope to achieve with your site and what audience groups or personas you’re targeting.


Taking all of the information from the workshop and a good portion of our own research, we’ll hit the ground running with brainstorms and creative idea generation sessions in order to decide what will work best for you.


Captivating people through Google or another search engine is near impossible, but if you start rising up the ranks, we can help you with a website audit to help you engage more with your mounting number of visitors.

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