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Brands come in many forms and each brand strategy is unique. What you need to do to move your brand forward will depend on many factors, from target audience and industry to your brand’s age and visibility. We take all of this insight and deliver a brand strategy that is creative with purpose.


We can help define your brand and your image, from something as simple as an update to your logo and messaging, to a complete rebrand and overhaul of your positioning.


Your brand and in particular, your logo, can be something that’s quite precious to those who have been building it, but it’s our job to delicately challenge, guide and then drive forward how you communicate your message to your audience in a unique way through a brand strategy.


What is Brand Strategy?


A Brand strategy is your playbook, your guide to the soul of your brand and business. It’s the well thought out plan, sprinkled with creative flair, that’s your treasure map to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We can join you and guide you through this journey and help you get to where you need to be.


List of Brand Strategy Services


Not only do we apply our brand strategy to our branding services, we offer strategic and practical support in key areas.


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Rebranding Strategy

When you’re rebranding, it’s often forgotten that you need to think about how this will impact any brand awareness and brand value that you already have. A rebranding strategy is an important piece of work that you need to do before you take your rebrand public.

Rebranding Strategy

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Brand Proposition

A brand proposition is so important. For your audience to know your brand, you must know it yourself and know those key ingredients or USPs that really sell your business or product. Lots of brands have products, but it’s not the product they're selling, it’s how it makes life better for your customers and it’s that insight we can provide you which delivers creative with purpose.

Brand Proposition

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Messaging & Tone of Voice

When it comes to delivering your brand to your target audience, the messaging and tone of voice that you use are critical. Getting these both right is the key to creating engagement with your current and potential clients. We think outside of the box and deliver creative with purpose.

Messaging & Tone of Voice

Brand Strategy Examples

Here are some examples of our Brand Strategy work. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Brand Strategy process


Whether it’s a brand refresh or a new identity, nothing gets us going like a workshop or a client brief. Any opportunity to flex our creative muscles. We’ll get under your skin, learn your values, your ethos. Ultimately, what do you want out of your new brand? Tell us. We understand what a brand means to a company, and we’ll make sure that communication is maintained throughout. Happy client, happy Storm12.


Remember that striking idea we discussed in the workshop? Time to make it a reality. Creating bold and dynamic branding is what we do. It’s in our blood. Give us your well-worn logo or colour palette, and let us have it. Our team has years of experience at their fingertips, ready to conceptualise ideas and bring them to life. Just sit back, and watch them work their magic with your brand.


So you now have a sparkly new brand. But that won’t be the end of it. We'll help you maintain consistency with a set of strong brand guidelines, so that you will always spring to mind as the logical solution for your target audience’s needs.

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