Rebranding Strategy is different to Brand Strategy

When you’re rebranding, it’s often forgotten that you need to think about how this will impact any brand awareness and brand value that you already have. A rebranding strategy is an important piece of work that you need to do before you take your rebrand public.


Any rebranding strategy that we do is always to build upon what you already have and to show how this move will only be a move forward for your current and potential clients. Your rebrand must be with purpose, and we can deliver you creative with purpose.


Whilst most people will see a rebrand in a positive light, there will always be people that see the negative side. It’s our job to show them the reason behind it and communicate your new proposition with well thought-out messaging and a plan of action to reach your audience.


What is a Rebranding Strategy?


A rebranding strategy is a creative way of launching your new brand in the smoothest way possible. You need to take into consideration where you are now and devise a plan of how to get from there to where your brand needs to sit ahead of your competitors.


Rebranding Strategy Examples

Check out some of our rebranding strategy examples. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Rebranding Strategy process


Our experienced team will guide you through this process, working with you in an exploratory workshop, defining your current business goals, your audience, your USPs and then your future objectives and goals.


From there, we delve into your brand, taking the time to get to know it and the reasons for the change. We come up with insight driven ideas that will deliver the rebrand to the public and how the delivery should happen.


Our goal is to create a thoughtful and results driven rebranding strategy that is creatively captivating. There’s no point in creative without purpose, so we deliver something with impact, that will urge your audience to engage and follow your calls to action.

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