The importance of Creative Marketing Strategy

When delivering marketing for any business you need to have a plan, and a creative marketing strategy covers all the bases. Working with Storm12 brings you wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and our combination of detailed research and creative insight brings you creative with purpose.


We would always recommend setting an overall business goal and then splitting down a strategy into easily manageable creative campaigns designed to deliver various results, such as brand awareness and/or hard hitting sales campaigns, all aimed at reaching the final business goal.


It’s important that you invest time into this because with a carefully considered, intelligence-driven creative marketing strategy, you’ll be able to add unique creative which is all under a single umbrella ready to reinforce your brand through each step.


What is Creative Marketing Strategy?


Creative marketing strategy is a term used to describe the culmination of business goals, business objectives, target audience, audience profiles, key benefits, key messaging, delivery mechanisms and creative style, all as a roadmap of how you get from your current state to delivering more sales or leads to meet your business goals.


List of Creative Marketing Strategy Services


A creative marketing strategy can be split into these overarching services and we can take care of all of it for you.


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Creative Planning

Planning your creative campaigns can be painful but working with us, it can be a dream. We’re always keen to be involved from the earliest stage and help guide you through planning out your creative activity. Whether it’s large sales campaigns or small ongoing brand awareness activity, with us you get creative with purpose.

Creative Planning

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Campaign Management

There can be a lot involved in between concept and delivering a campaign to your audience, and that's where we come in to help with campaign management. We help fine tune the campaign, defining audience groups and messaging to match and deliver creative with purpose.

Campaign Management

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Campaign Strategy

Creating a campaign strategy before you embark on any campaign is essential. You must know who you’re targeting, what message you’re going to use and how you’re going to deliver that message to them. Additionally, you need to link these into your business objectives in order to deliver creative with purpose.

Campaign Strategy

Creative Marketing Strategy Examples

Here are some examples of creative marketing strategy. If you would like to see more and get a tailored set of examples that relate directly to a project you're doing then please get in touch here.

Creative Marketing Strategy process


Our vastly experienced team can be flexible and work with you in many ways. We can lead a strategy workshop with you and handle the rest or we can work side by side with you in a consultative manner or we can even take your overarching strategy and help define and refine as we go.


The creativity comes after the workshop and research phase. We take all of the good quality research and information that you provide and then we brainstorm the hell out of it, finding unique insights into your audience's behaviour, the uniqueness of your benefits, and even split it down into age ranges to work out a plan that suits your objectives.


Everything we do is designed to entice your audience. There’s no point presenting you with a woolly strategy that's never going to cut the mustard. We love coming up with something new which is going to truly captivate your audience.

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