Carbon neutral company: Storm12 set to be carbon neutral by 2025

Storm12 set out at the beginning of the year to be carbon neutral by 2025.


How to become carbon neutral


For a service company like Storm12, where most of our work is generated in-house, we do not have many physical suppliers. Therefore our main carbon generation comes from our energy sources and our transportation, so in a very simple sense we are a third of the way there.


We have already switched our electricity supply to 100% renewable and in the last year we've helped prevent an amount of carbon equal to 1.7 flights from London to New York from entering the atmosphere. Now, we're focusing on transport and heating.


Carbon Neutral Economy by 2050


Last year, Theresa May passed a bill in Parliament to ensure the UK becomes a carbon neutral economy by 20501 and now recently Broris Johnson announced that by 2030 that the UK's renewable sources of electricity will now provide every household with electricity and increased the target from 30GW to 40GW and in so doing, making the UK a leader in green energy.3


This is quite a goal, and one of the most ambitious by a major economy but in light of climate change, is absolutely needed.


How many companies are carbon neutral?


From a poll last year by YouGov2 it seems only 8% are there already, 14% within the next year and only a further 11% are targeting this within 5 years. Add a further 10% by 2030 and there will be almost 50% of companies that have or will be carbon neutral by 2030. But there is around a third of companies with no plans whatsoever and 14% who don’t know yet.






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