How we do it

Hi there, we're Storm12 and we'd like to get you noticed.

Three steps. Three simple steps. Often overlooked, often undervalued and rarely emulated - Storm12 is built upon core pillars of strategy, ideas and results. The perfect recipe for a winning idea.




Everything we do is strategy-led. You can't even make a cup of tea in the office without someone putting together a brief with deliverable requirements. We've got an experienced and proven team deploying their skills in strategy, communication and design to deliver the results you need. Our approach is partnership - we're working with you after all and we're dead set on producing something unique and distinctive for your brief. We've refined the process over eighteen years and we we've got it nailed - workshop + strategic direction + smart design = results.




Imagination and creativity lie at the heart of the service we deliver. One spark, one fledgling idea can become something great and we love nothing better than getting in the driving seat and steering it toward success. "Attention-grabbing" is at the top of every list of ideas we have, every brainstorm.




We like to measure the effectiveness of our work. Good results make us feel good because they make you look good. Feedback, reconciliation and evaluation make us better - open and honest works for us. Analytics, data, ROI, facts and figures - they're all helpful and they're all part of the plan.


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