Digital Marketing


Previously, marketing was about broadcasting a message to the world. Now, however, technology means that we can be much more specific in tailoring our marketing messages to bespoke audience groups or even individual targets. Add to that the powerful data, analytics and measurement resources available and you have a powerful digital marketing asset to drive your activity to the next level. Digital and automated marketing is a real leap forward in the marketing toolkit and our expertise plus the power of the software can deliver real, measurable creative with purpose.


Digital marketing services


Storm12 specialise in a number of digital service offerings for our clients. You'll find them below, but please get in touch if there is something else not listed which you would like to discuss with us. 


Sales & marketing automation

Automated sales and marketing campaigns can help to increase your number of leads, qualify them and ultimately convert them into clients. Nurturing workflows feed information to prospects throughout their buying cycle and advanced software can alert your sales teams when someone is ready to buy. We design and build beautiful, intelligent and results-driven automation campaigns to give you creative with purpose.

Data & Analytics

We are a strategy-led, results-focused agency. Our digital marketing platforms enable us to track, measure and evaluate marketing efforts to see what is working, and what is not. This means we can eliminate wasteful spending and focus on what is generating the most impact. Real end-to-end ROI measurement coupled with dynamic strategy and beautiful design gives our clients creative with purpose.


Our PDF+Insight service delivers responsive, digital publishing to convert your catalogue, brochure or magazine into a beautiful responsive online publication. We create accessible, search engine-friendly publications, giving your content the best chance to be found in search and reach your full audience.