Sales and marketing automation

Automated sales and marketing campaigns can help to increase your number of leads, qualify them and ultimately convert them into clients. Nurturing workflows feed information to prospects throughout their buying cycle and advanced software can alert your sales teams when someone is ready to buy. We design and build beautiful, intelligent and results-driven automation campaigns to give you creative with purpose.



What is sales and marketing automation? 

It's the process of using software and technology to optimise, automate and measure repetitive online marketing tasks. It's software that allows companies to effectively target customers with automated marketing messages across channels to generate leads.

Marketing automation allows you to forge rich relationships, and by developing a deep connection with your customers, your business will be discovered with more leads, driving sales and proving ROI. It's a leap forward in digital marketing tools. For the first time, your business will have the resources to connect with each customer on a one-on-one basis. Automation unlocks your ability to analyse successful tactics and poor performers, meaning you can eliminate waste and improve your ROI.


So, what does that mean? 


It means we can tailor our marketing to each contact’s profile, level of interest, behaviour or place in the buying process and allows us to drive revenue by treating every lead as an individual - giving them the info they want at exactly the right time. 

How do we do it?


We are a certified SharpSpring platform partner, meaning we have the skills and expertise to help you unlock and unleash the power of a combined sales and marketing automation strategy to start seeing some real ROI. 


Sales & marketing automation process


Every digital marketing automation project we undertake starts with a detailed and strategic workshop where we discover everything we need to know about your business, your goals and how we can structure a digital marketing plan with SharpSpring to maximise ROI.


Once the workshop findings are in place, we get to work to get you up and running on SharpSpring, explaining the whys and wherefores, how to do this, that and the other so you have the tools to generate results at your mouse tips. Our in-house creative teams can also put together beautiful campaign materials to support your goals.


We help you to understand the results you're getting, their value to your business and how we might adapt moving forward to generate even better results. We're in the results game, so making you look good makes us look good. It's a partnership, after all.